Celebrity Goat Influencer Campaign Case Study

Client Overview

Celebrity Goat is a goat cheese brand which sells premium goat cheese variations throughout the United States and Canada at retailers like CostCo, H-E-B, Foodtown, ACME, & more.

The team at Celebrity Goat had the following objectives:

Create more brand awareness & recognition 
Create influencer content that they can use as a selling point to retailers to secure more product placement on shelves 
Create a campaign that could be replicated for new markets such as Canada and also for new brands and/or product launches

The “Crux”

The Celebrity Goat team needed to hit their objectives however they had to overcome the following challenges: Lack of resources, tools, & experience to manage an influencer marketing campaign internally and they wanted to achieve their goals on a very tight budget.

The Strategy

Given the objectives and Celebrity Goat’s budget + current situation Today’s Business recommended running an influencer marketing contest in which only influencers who were invited could participate.

Most people who tag @celebrity_goat on Instagram were often posting just cheese board posts. So we wanted to challenge influencers to come up with unique and exciting content that is not just a cheese board post.

Influencers were challenged to create a #FamouslyGood Instagram Reels video going #BeyondTheBoard and using the goat cheese in a unique way.

Influencers were sent a care package of Celebrity Goat cheese products and promotional items and were asked to create a video & post it between June 1st and June 3rd to kick off #NationalCheeseDay on June 4th.

Influencers were informed that Celebrity Goat will repost their Reel throughout the month of June and the video that receives the most likes + comments will receive $1,000 and the 2nd place winner will receive an iPad.

Why did we choose this route?

Tik Tok influencers are substantially more expensive than Instagram influencers. With a Tik Tok campaign, we may have been limited to 1-2 influencers with the provided budget. By utilizing Instagram over Tik Tok we were able to recruit way more influencers due to the fact that discovery is easier and that there are more content options such as IG stories or static posts that require less work and therefore less compensation. Additionally, Celebrity Goat did not have a Tik Tok page live and had previously been focusing all efforts on growing its Facebook & Instagram pages. If Celebrity Goat wanted to start a Tik Tok page their social media managed services costs would have increased substantially.
At the time, there were few tools out there that were able to tap into the Tik Tok API. At Today’s Business, we pay for MightyScout & Sprout Social here at Today's Business which allows us to automatically monitor and pull in influencer content + analytics and schedule that content to be published.
This newly launched feature is basically the same thing as Tik Tok and was created to compete against Tik Tok. We know that Instagram’s algorithm favors content which utilizes new features that its trying to push. Therefore, by creating tons of great IG Reels content we were more likely to have our posts shared across the platform in the Explore feed and follower feeds creating more brand awareness and engagement.

We chose the contest approach because it allowed us to:

The majority of influencers, regardless of following, do not want to participate in an influencer campaign without any form of payment. Having the ability for the influencers to win money and/or prizes and also providing a really cool care package that influencers were interested in was enticing enough for us to get a fair share of non-paid influencers.
The contest strategy incentivized influencers to share the Celebrity Goat feed posts and drive more exposure to the Celebrity Goat Instagram page without having to pay the influencers additional fees for re-sharing these posts.

The Results

Overall, we believe the campaign was a big success. We were able to meet the client’s objectives while also staying within a very tight budget.


Influencer Profiles Posted


Influencer Stories Posted


Influencer reels


Influencer Posts




Potential Reach



Post Comments as High as






Some of our influencer content even got featured on major publications like the Vegetarian Times Magazine

Celebrity Goat Instagram Profile


Follower Increase


Impression Increase


Engagement Increase


Profile Action Increase

Product Inquiries from Across North America

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