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It doesn’t matter anymore whether your business lives online or in a more traditional brick and mortar setting. As we enter the 2020s, your users are beginning the customer journey online. Nearly 90% of shoppers begin their journey online, as well as 88% of users who do a local search for a business will visit or call a store within 24 hours.

The digital space is today’s Wild West for information and business. And the fastest way to come out on top? Search Engine Marketing.

Work with an SEM Agency that Focuses On

At Today’s Business, we care less about how your metrics are, and more about how we can improve your business’s bottom line. Competition in all industries is only getting more fierce, which means knowing and understanding each opportunity available to your company is crucial. By working with Today’s Business, you’ll receive a better return on investment with greater transparency.

Maximizing your Cost Per Acquisition

Regular Competitor Research

Streamlining your Keyword Targeting

Reducing your Cost Per Click

Staying up to date with User Search Behavior

Highly Targeted, Segmented Ad Groups

Call Conversion Tracking

Regular Client Communication and Education

Custom Reporting

Being ahead of the curb with Google’s Latest Offerings

A/B and Conversion Funnel Testing

Custom Landing Pages

Careful use of Phrase Match, Exact Match, and Negative Keywords

What to Expect for Your Ad Campaign

In terms of the business that you conduct online, your website is essentially your hub. Your social media channels, search results, emails, and more direct potential customers to your site, and once they arrive, you want them to stay.

Clear Strategy from Start to Finish

Prior to the launch of any campaign, Today’s Business works closely with you to ensure that we understand your business, what your business goals are, and what challenges you’re currently facing. Based on our direct communication, industry knowledge, and in-depth competitor and keyword research, we carefully craft a strategy to maximize your ROI. As your campaign continues, we will continually refine your strategies based on new data sets, new ad technology, and any new user teams. Once launched, we will continually refine each page to increase conversion rate and lower cost-per-click.

Flexible Ad Spend

Each campaign we run is based on combining your budget with what the market opportunity is. Is your business seasonal? We’ll recommend increasing your budget to match potential conversion volume and profit margins. Is the data showing that a campaign is spending inefficiently on an ad group? We’ll communicate this to you and adjust accordingly.

Landing Pages that Convert

An excellent landing page can make or break a conversion. That’s why each page we create for our ad campaigns involves members from our creative, content, and web design teams. Once launched, we will continually refine each page to increase conversion rate and lower cost-per-click.

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Know What You're Signing Up For

Search Engine Marketing is the process of purchasing ads in search engines to appear for users based on their search queries and search behavior. In today’s world, that primarily means Google, YouTube, and Bing in the United States, with other search engines such as Yahoo, Ask, Aol Search, and DuckDuckGo, making up a smaller market share. Outside of the US, Baidu and Yandex search engines are quite popular as well. Search Engine Marketing can be broken down into a few different strategies:

Paid Search

Commonly known as Pay-Per-Click - it is the process of paying for a top position in search results that is very similar to most advertising campaigns. With choosing the right target queries and audiences, you can potentially rank at the very top of results the day you start spending. This makes it a great alternative to SEO (search engine optimization) for those who can’t rank right away for new queries. Paid Search Ads commonly occupy the first 1-3 listings in the search results, but may also occupy the listings on the first page of results.

Display Remarketing

This is a form of Ad Retargeting, which leverages a user’s search history to display advertisements for your company. These advertisements will appear on other websites, providing subtle opportunities for you to re-engage users.

Product Listing Ads

Are you an e-commerce site looking to have your products be relevantly displayed? Then Product Listing Ads should be part of your company’s bread and butter. PLA’s are a Cost Per Click feature that will display at the top of many shopping search results. Because of their placement and visual nature, they can be integral for selling products online.

The Danger with SEM

With SEM, you pay to play, and if you’re not converting it can become expensive, fast. Have you experienced the following?

Going over monthly ad budget

Wasted funds on irrelevant keywords

Cost Per Acquisition above profit margins

Landing Pages that do not convert

Exorbitant cost-per-click due to low page score

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Explore Your Digital Advertising Options on Search Engines

Google Ads

As the originators of the Pay Per Click model (versus Pay Per Impression), Google sits at the very top of any SEM strategists priority list. Recently, Google has announced a wide variety of new opportunities for Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), but the basics are covered here.

Google Search Network

Text Ads

Your classic Text Ad will consist of 2-3 headlines with 30 characters each, as well as 1-2 descriptions of 90 characters each, and your ad’s display URL of your website. Each text based ad will correlate to keywords that are included on your campaign. Adding an ad extension will show users additional information and extra incentive to choose your business, such as your company’s promotions, seller rating, phone number, and more.

Call-Only Ads

Very similar to your classic Text Ad, these ads provide users with only the option to call when they click on the ad. This makes Call-Only Ads good for conversions, particularly on mobile.

Image Ads

A new opportunity in 2019, search ads can now feature an image on mobile in the number one ad position.

Local Search Ads

Local businesses can leverage Google Maps results with a local ad extension.

Google Merchant Center

Highly visual and perfect for all e-commerce, Google’s shopping feed allows users to scroll through products related to their query.

Dynamic Search Ads

One of Google’s most recent ad placements, with utilizing artificial intelligence to crawl your website and automatically generate ad copy for keywords on your site.

Google Display Network

The Display Network that Google has established is without question, the largest in the world. It has fewer types of ads available to it than the Search Network - your ads will appear on websites through AdSense or the DoubleClick Ad Exchange network - but more options for granular control for who sees your ad. These ads can appear on websites all across the world, as well as YouTube, making proper management crucial. Here are some common targeting strategies you may find used.

This is key for searchers that did not take any action on the website to see the most recent promotion we have to offer related to the page they just saw. This is effective because people don't take action the first time they visit the website. Getting a user back to the website after they have done their research is key to getting conversions. This is why targeting by specific websites is key because they already have a level of intent by going to your website, now with website targeting you can bring that conversion home.
If there is a specific website that can be leveraged for your brand, Managed Placements enables the most in-depth control and insights for our team to maximize ad effectiveness.
Allows for a broad campaign across websites that cover a specific topic.
Proper keyword research allows you to provide specific keywords to match to contextually relevant websites. This is perfect for when the base options for topic targeting does not quite match what you need.
Connect with previous users who have engaged with your website. Strategically position your ads in front of your target audience while they are browsing the web. This will increase your brand awareness by keeping your brand top-of-mind and intrigue users to return to your website.
Leverages data you already have from successful users within your remarketing campaign.
Designed for users who are looking for a product or service with a long search cycle, such as finding a new job or car.
Choose websites that relate to specific topics, such as finance, food & drink, home & garden, and more. This is ideal for users who are new to reading about a topic.
Aimed for users who are habitually visiting sites within a specific topic. This allows for more advanced product and ad copy to be displayed.
Customize your audience with demographic information such as gender, age, geographic location, parental status, plus more.Audience targeting is essential for SEM because it further assists marketers and gives a perspective of the searcher. In order for a SEM strategy to be successful, we need to be aware of the searcher's digital experiences with the specific brand.

Let Us Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The services listed below will help boost your digital marketing campaign. Along with the list of industries Today’s Business has provided digital marketing services for.

Website Design & Development

Go beyond the limits of your average paid marketing campaign by implementing a website and landing pages that run faster, function better, and convert higher than anything you’ve had before.

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Social Media Strategy and Management

The crucial flipside to the Digital Advertising coin, is pairing your SEM campaigns with advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and various other social networks to ensure that your brand reaches your target audience, no matter where they spend their time.

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Creative Services and Graphic Design

Our creative team works hand-in-hand with Web Design to create eye catching landing pages that are specifically designed to impress and engage your users. The creative team is also available for anything visual you need as a company, both online and offline.

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Search Engine Optimization

Teaming SEO and SEM efforts together allows your search visibility and lead generation to be ironclad. Use both services on single search queries for increased Click Through Rates, or divide and conquer your target keywords to maximize your ad spend’s reach.

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Email Marketing Campaigns

Keep your users interested through SEM converting by re-engaging them with email campaigns, specifically customized to your target base. Email campaigns can be used to generate reviews and additional sales, for improving customer loyalty, and much more.

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