What are the Top 10 Supplement Review Websites?

Today’s Business has assisted with marketing efforts for countless supplement brands over the past 10 years. Whether it be managing affiliate programs, providing SEO consulting services, or managing influencer campaigns we have pretty much done it all when it comes to marketing for supplement brands. During this process, we’ve had to scour the internet for credible sources with useful information on a daily basis and we have always kept track of which sources are the most reliable while also delivering information via a user-friendly experience. Below are some of the websites that we feel provide the best and most credible information.

#1 Healthline

Healthline’s website provides an array of resources so that the consumer can easily access the information that they want. For instance, just on the homepage one can go to the “health conditions” tab and choose the option that applies to them. Upon clicking on each option, anyone can find out information regarding causes and treatments. People may not want to spend a lot of time with a workout video or at the gym so the fact that Healthline offers article resources makes them more user-friendly. While all of these tabs contain valuable information, the “connect” drop-down allows for all users to find a small community within a larger one. Users have commented on the same aspects of the website. According to AP news, users like healthline because the website offers information in non-medical terms (APnews) . They can engage and understand the content in order to help themselves. In order to create a supplement site that can be enjoyed by a larger audience. One must consider who their audience is. In terms of Healthline, their audience could be moms looking for advice on their kids or themselves or just the average person looking how to take care of themselves. Once they have determined that they want their website to be easily read by anyone then they can focus on promoting wellness tips and non-medical language. Some websites may be difficult to read and navigate but Healthline displays are all right there on the screen. The website also explains in-depth different types of supplements, how to use them and their benefits. These written articles give a personal connection. 

#2 TotalShape

Total Shape focuses on the fitness aspect of supplements. From the home page of their website, the reader can find an abundance of information for a variety of topics, including diets, exercise and supplements. The “supplements” drop down box offers access to different types of supplements, including protein powder, pre-workout and more. When the user chooses a supplement from the website they are then connected to an article written by fitness coaches and nutritionists employed by the company. These articles assess and give links to the best brands for their choices. For each brand, the author discusses the positives and the negatives. From this information, the user can then consider what works best for them. TotalShape definitely focuses more on the result. It gives you tips for you to better understand your lifestyle. For each supplement, TotalShape also maps out the credibility behind their claims. They list the number of hours of research, reviews and experts. This increases the legitness of the website. The pros and cons explanation of the supplement can make the consumer feel more in control of their decision thus making them more interested in using the site. Along with this, the statement that the articles are fact-checked by professionals in the medical science field gives them credibility. 

#3 BarBend

BarBend offers an extensive list of workouts for users to try. They have their supplements explained under the “nutrition reviews” drop down. Similar to TotalShape, BarBend offers general types of supplements in the drop down menu and then goes more in-depth with the articles. The article analyzing women’s multivitamins is aimed at helping consumers find the multivitamin that works the best for them. The author gives links to various types of multivitamins depending on what demographic they fit in. They also provide useful information for “who should buy” and “who should not buy” ; these specificities allow the reader to have less confusion. Searching for supplements can be confusing so BarBend simplifies the process. Not only do the articles give information and suggestions but they also allow the user to take into account their preferences. For instance, you can choose from a superfood supplement, a translucent ingredient supplement and more. This feeling of control allows the user to better engage with the website. People will search for a website like BarBend when they want advice, they are looking for many options instead of just one. With one option, people will get bored so these articles that the website is providing need to have a variety of information in order to improve consumer engagement. These thorough articles are why BarBend is considered on the list for Top 5 Supplement Review Brands. 

#4 Very Well Fit  

Similar to the other websites, Very Well Fit offers advice regarding fitness along with eating and weight loss tips. Finding the section about supplements is not as easy as it was on the previous three sites, as it is not included in a dropdown menu. However, after typing supplement into the search bar a wide variety of options are presented. Instead of protein and workout supplements, Very Well Fit focuses on daily vitamins that people may not be getting through food. Users can read from a variety of articles describing the use of different vitamins, some that you may not even have heard of before. The purpose of these articles is to tell less about what to buy and more about the purpose of buying the product. For instance, they have a medically reviewed article about the use of fish oil. The article describes what fish oil is and what it can do for you. This allows for the reader to weigh the positives and negatives of their supplement options. The demographic of Very Well Fit differs from that of the other websites as it is more focused on general wellness supplements. Very Well Fit would be a good choice when you are looking for which daily supplement is best for you. 

#5 Muscle and Fitness 

Muscle and Fitness is an article-based website supporting health and fitness through writing and celebrity endorsements. Under their nutrition tab, they have articles about supplements on a wide scale. Included are testimonials, which can allow the user to understand what worked for others so that they may consider it for themselves. Other articles discuss the best supplements, whether it be for before your workout or after. Muscle and Fitness also has a women’s side to their website where they detail the best supplements for women. For the men, the content focuses more on protein and muscle building while for the women, the primary focus is skincare and workout supplements. Instead of being just listicles like some of the previous websites’ articles, Muscle and Fitness focuses on creating a story, which can keep the reader entertained. This website provides a variety of content for both men and women to enjoy and understand their supplements. They do not have to know what exactly they want, all they have to know is that they want to use a supplement. The website offers resources for finding the supplement that best fits your needs, whether it be for improving your body on the outside or inside. 

#6 SupplementReviews.com 

SupplementReviews.com offers extensive customer-reviews, which is a change from the professional reviews on the previous websites. From the home page, interested individuals can choose which type of supplement they would like to explore. After clicking on the supplement, the website takes them to a list of possible brands. Upon selecting a brand, anyone can view reviews from other customers. Not only are written reviews available to aid in comparison but there is also a meter that ranges from excellent to bad where previous customers can evaluate their experience. Professional reviews are important when considering what works best for your body because you would not want to take something that contradicts your health goals. However, peer reviews can be just as helpful. An average person’s recount of using a supplement can allow for other viewers to make a connection on a non-medical level. 

#7 ConsumerLab

ConsumerLab has been previously assessed for legitimacy. When it comes to accurate professional opinions then ConsumerLab seems to be the place. The key figures involved in the operations of the website have medical backgrounds. A personal belief that they rely on is that consumers should be assisted by medical professionals when it comes to the topic of supplements. ConsumerLab also prides themselves on operating with  transparency for their website. They are honest about their testing processes which improves the validity of their data. Peer reviews are an accurate way to assess the relevance of a website and ConsumerLab is one of the few supplement review websites that has websites addressing whether they are a trustworthy source. These websites claim that ConsumerLab’s easy-to-use system backed by the credibility of real doctors puts them above other websites of their kind. 

#8 GNC

GNC has been a company that specializes in vitamins and supplements for many years now and in addition to their store front locations, they have had a growing website. There have been different opinions on the legitimacy of GNC. However, the vast selection that the company offers is a positive for many. Another plus is that since there are several locations throughout the world, you can do online research to determine what you would like and then go to a physical location in order to consult with a customer service worker to determine if it is the best fit for you. This can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Like the other websites, GNC has a delivery option. This delivery option can facilitate the buying process. Ultimately GNC has had a long reputation of being a reliable supplement provider. 

#9 FitnessInformant

FitnessInformant prides itself on giving 100% honest reviews. On the homepage of the website, viewers can choose from a variety of different supplements. Including muscle recovery, pre-workout and amino acids. An explanation for each of these types is given under a picture. The viewer is then given the opportunity to select what type of brands they would like to consider. Upon choosing a specific brand, the website gives a pros and cons list. The products also give a ranking out of 10 based on several factors, including profile, effectiveness and taste. Customers also have the opportunity to give their written reviews, which allows for viewers to compare their ideas to others. 

#10 MassiveJoes

MassiveJoes gives specific brands on their homepage and then the viewer can read articles related to the product after they choose which they want to learn more about. An interesting feature that this website has is that customers can decide what they want to get based on their goals. To do this you just have to go under the “goal” tab choose what you would like to improve. When initially looking for supplements, individuals may have an idea of what they would like to focus on with their new routine but may not know where to start. MassiveJoes offers a variety of explanations for different supplements that the customer can then evaluate what they think would work best for them. Instead of giving specific reviews and recommendations, this website gives people options based on what they choose and then gives a brief description of the product. For customers interested in building their own opinion with a little help from a website, MassiveJoes would be the way to go.