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What Makes TB’s Influencer Marketing Management Successful?

We’re a Comprehensive Marketing Solution

As a full service agency, Today’s Business views influencer marketing as one potential piece of the digital marketing puzzle. Because we work in multiple digital channels, we review and identify each brand, their market, and their demographic to see what digital marketing strategy is best for your brand and budget. Based on your comprehensive branding session and your previous performance, we make sure every brand is truly understood, from its mission statement to its KPIs. We aren’t just looking for likes and follows. We look for tangible brand lift in search and actual conversions generated.

Vast Influencer Relationships & Network

We have worked with countless influencers over the years and understand what they’re looking for too. But it goes beyond that: we’ve helped guide and manage influencers and athletes into new opportunities as well, making them a part of the TB family. Our services also include affiliate marketing, expanding our network even further and allowing maximum revenue for everyone.

We Get Deals Done

Organic reach only takes you so far in the “pay to play” world of social media. Today’s Business provides expert digital advertising solutions so that we can get the best possible results out of the influencer content we are paying for. We’ve negotiated millions in athlete and influencer deals, we know what street pricing is, and we know how to stretch the value of content usages rights.

Premium Management & Monitoring

We also never stop working for our brands. Our team is ready to go nights and weekends to make sure deliverables are being fulfilled and the campaign is active during key purchasing times. Do you have goods related to the next sports draft? We’ll have our computer in tow right next to our pizza and wings.

What to Expect From Your Influencer Marketing Campaign:

Just like affiliate marketing, influencer marketing has its challenges for both the influencer and the brand. Today’s Business eliminates the headaches for both by playing matchmaker and campaign manager, ensuring that everyone involved gets a win. Common items we can help you with include:

Maximizing your budget in a world of rising influencer costs

Spotting fake followers and vetting influencers

Cultivating a strong creative strategy

Reduce your time spent on campaign management

Assured the following of FTC regulation and requirements

Protecting your brand and brand alignment

Staying atop emerging trends, channels, and opportunities

Campaign Timeline

Ideally, our timeline looks similar to what is outlined below. When we have more time to prepare we typically see better results as it allows us to do more research and more negotiations. However, our team has the ability to execute campaigns quickly and meet any deadlines you might have.

Branding & Onboarding

We combine in depth branding and onboarding with initial research to develop your target audience, identify your goals and KPIs, and formulate the foundation of the campaigns creative strategy. Will the campaign be holiday based? Discount based? This helps determine our approach.

Approximately 2 weeks with 2 in-person or virtual meetings

Influencer Sourcing

With the foundation of the campaign established, we get to work. Campaign research continues in earnest and opportunities cross referenced across our data. Outreach follows with priority on time sensitive opportunities and deals that will provide you with the highest ROI.

4 weeks

Campaign Management

TB takes care of all the gritty details to make your campaign run smoothly: negotiations, contracting, deliverables distribution, affiliate integration, campaign briefs, and advertising optimization. Our experience helps us bypass potential bumps in the road, meaning campaign delays don’t derail success.

4 weeks

Reporting & Optimization

Every campaign and client is unique. There’s no secret method that works across all brands and consumer bases. Using an experiential and data driven approach, we continue to refine your campaign until the very end. Along the way, we’ll communicate with your team and be transparent about its progress.

2 weeks

Our Influencer Network

Today’s Business has utilized influencer marketing to help brands across multiple industries and digital platforms.

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Past Influencer Campaigns

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