By Tom Ottaiano

Email marketing is an extremely lucrative marketing channel that is known for providing a great return on investment. It is effective for both acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones. It’s important to be deploying the best practices in your emails that will drive real conversions. Here are some of the top tactics for getting the most out of what you’re sending to your target market’s inbox. 

Include a Compelling Subject Line

It’s all about personalization. A generic or lengthy subject line won’t give you the results that you’re looking for. Keep it engaging. When you customize your subject line to the audience you’re trying to reach, you’ll start to see more conversions on your email campaigns. 

Keep It Mobile Friendly

Conversions are happening on mobile now more than ever. The most effective email campaigns are optimized for mobile and those are the campaigns that see the best click through rates and conversions. 

Segment Your Email Lists

Did you know that email open rates are 14% higher for campaigns utilizing segmented email lists? You can separate your lists based on preferences, new subscribers and whether or not they purchased, just to name a few. This depends on the goals of your business and what you’re trying to accomplish with your campaigns. Segmenting email lists give you more control over the messaging that you are sending out and drives better results. 

Utilize a Strong CTA

The call to action is the touchdown pass to a conversion. Every email you send should incorporate a CTA that is uniquely targeted towards your audience and relevant to the content you are promoting. 

Define and Monitor Performance

Being able to determine the success of your email marketing initiatives is extremely important. Here at Today’s Business, we are constantly monitoring key performance indicators that provide transparency for how well your campaign is doing and how it can improve.                           

If you aren’t seeing the conversions you expected to see through email marketing, then it’s time to rethink your strategy. Our team backs everything up with the numbers and creates email campaigns that are designed to convert. If you’re ready to reboot your campaign or start one for the first time, let’s talk.