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Digital marketing changes every day - in an industry this revolutionary, staying ahead of the game is the key to success. At Today’s Business, we pride ourselves on being a true partner to our clients by providing personalized digital marketing services and solutions, put towards a plan with each client’s specific goals and needs in mind. Since our foundation in 2011, we’ve grown our team, our strengths, and our services and have helped countless businesses across the country reach their true potential.
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Whether you’re looking for keyword-rich content that will drive traffic to your site, social ads that’ll bring conversions, engaging email marketing, or a unique combination of digital marketing services, Today’s Business has you covered. Working with clients in over 50 different industries, we strive to drive visibility, influence, and engagement to your business through techniques that are always one step ahead of the rest. Our variety of services is meant to take your business and your digital marketing to the next level.

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Featured Case Studies

Celebrity Goat Influencer Campaign Case Study

Celebrity Goat is a goat cheese brand which sells premium goat cheese variations throughout the United States and Canada at retailers like CostCo, H-E-B, Foodtown, ACME, & more.

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Increasing Web Leads by 737% for a Cabinets & Countertops Company
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Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic Case Study
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As leaders in digital marketing, we work with clients in all types of industries, taking their unique business needs and goals into account as we craft a personalized plan. Check out our case studies for real-life examples of our strategic process, the work we do, and the successful campaign results we’ve secured for our clients.

Recent Creatives and Website Designs

Whether its social graphics or an entirely new website, the imagery and designs that our team creates will be the perfect reflection of your brand or business. Check out the recent work of our creative and web development teams here.

Cali Website Design
Mindcore Website Design
IBJI Website Design
Celebrity Goat Website Design
Celebrity Goat Website Design
eFamily Website Design
MindCore Mobile Website Design IBJI Mobile Website Design Celebrity Goat Mobile Website Design eFamily Mobile Website Design Cali Mobile Website Design Cali Mobile Website Design
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Affiliate Summit East (ASE) 2021 Recap

With COVID causing the 2020 ASE to get cancelled it has been a long time coming for ASE 2021. We didn’t know exactly how things would be this year but it’s safe to say that ASE IS BACK! The Today’s Business team had a great time attending the ASE 2021 at the New York Marriott Marquis in Time Square. The team attended educational seminars, met with key publishers, vendors and friends and also networked at some of the events’ happy hours. Below is a recap of some of the events that TB participated in.

By: Today's Business on 08/11/21

5 Takeaways for Brands Trying to Capitalize on the new NIL NCAA Rules

The day has come! NCAA athletes can now monetize their Name, Image, & Likeness (NIL) and this story has been breaking the internet. Here at Today’s Business we’ve been helping professional athletes build their brand and monetize their fan base for …

By: Today's Business on 08/11/21


If you’re a business owner or marketing director for an e-commerce company, then odds are you’re currently investing in an affiliate marketing program (81% of brands use affiliate marketing programs). If you don’t have a program active right now then y …

By: Today's Business on 11/17/20

Celebrity Goat Influencer Campaign Case Study

Celebrity Goat is a goat cheese brand which sells premium goat cheese variations throughout the United States and Canada at retailers like CostCo, H-E-B, Foodtown, ACME, & more.

By: Today's Business on 07/27/21

Increasing Web Leads by 737% for a Cabinets & Countertops Company

Cabinets Direct USA is one of the oldest and leading cabinet and countertop suppliers in the northeast, providing various kitchen and bathroom remodeling services since 1935. They’re also one of the longest standing clients of TB. At the time that Cabinets Direct USA signed with Today’s Business, they had set their goal as getting one contact form per day and they’d be happy. As we moved into 2020, TB recognized that updating the client’s location pages could provide a major boost to consistent lead generation, especially with budgets for advertising being cut at the start of COVID-19.

By: Today's Business on 07/23/21

Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic Case Study

Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic is an orthopaedic group with 23 board certified and board eligible orthopaedic surgeons plus 6 clinic locations throughout Wake County, North Carolina. Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic dominates their market with 58% of the market …

By: Today's Business on 05/06/21

drawing of google bot

If We Could Design Google’s Mascot … and Other Design Fun

Back in the pre-COVID days of everyone in the office, Today’s Business’ Jake Romano (Instagram) would have fun doing themed whiteboard art, starting with Google’s “bot.” From this bore the idea to expand on the fun and share some ideas online. Below yo …

By: Today's Business on 02/16/21

Google Analytics 4: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

In October 2020, Google officially debuted the latest iteration of its Analytics platform. As anyone who works in the world of digital marketing knows, Google Analytics is a crucial piece of our toolkit, enabling us to make data-driven decisions and me …

By: Today's Business on 02/05/21

Why COVID-19 Has Made Digital Marketing More Important Than Ever

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 has created a landscape that no one could have predicted. Businesses of all kinds have had to adapt, embrace new practices, and change their techniques to retain customers and continue to thrive through one of the mos …

By: Today's Business on 07/31/20


How to Increase Conversions Through Email Marketing

By Tom Ottaiano Email marketing is an extremely lucrative marketing channel that is known for providing a great return on investment. It is effective for both acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones. It’s important to be deploying the best pr …

By: Today's Business on 07/19/19


Email Marketing: Why Your Business Needs It

Leave the traditional ways of mailing in the past! With a little help from email marketing, growing your company can be easier than you think. Email marketing is an efficient way to market your business, while creating a mailing list and generating new …

By: Today's Business on 08/10/17

5 Tips for Your Next Email Blast

Email marketing has taken the digital advertising industry by storm. Now more than ever before, companies are turning to email marketing to better reach their ideal target market. Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your email blast’s results or …

By: Today's Business on 10/24/16

||back pain infographic|diabetes infographic

4 Ways Infographics Can Help Your Medical Practice

Within the medical field, it can be hard for doctors to hold a patient’s interest if an explanation involves jargon that they cannot grasp. While “Acute Viral Rhino Pharyngitis” may sound foreign, in reality, it is something that we’ve all ex …

By: Today's Business on 04/04/17


5 Key Tips for Beginner Designers

With various styles of design and different paths one can take, beginning a career or even a hobby in graphic design can be overwhelming. You could prefer to do print work or digital work, focus on websites or designing magazines; the possibilities are …

By: Today's Business on 03/23/17

5 Major Branding Fails

Giving your company a facelift might be necessary for survival, but that doesn’t mean you have to butcher your image in order to stand out above your competition. Staying relevant is tough – but before you make any drastic changes, be sure to assess wh …

By: Today's Business on 11/09/16

Google Dynamic Search Ads: Everything You Need to Know


What are Dynamic Search Ads? There are customers searching for what you offer on Google. If your website is regularly creating new content or adding new inventory, it can be time-consuming to try to keep your ads relevant. Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) are …

By: Today's Business on 11/04/20

Why Google Shopping Opening Up Free Product Listings is Huge for Retailers and Consumers


Google has taken a gigantic shift towards competing with Amazon. Google announced that they are going to roll out free listings on Google’s Shopping search. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, Google is trying to help brick and mortar retailers sell their prod …

By: Today's Business on 06/30/20


Key Takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2019


This May, Google hosted their annual Google Marketing Live conference in San Francisco. We were lucky enough to live stream the two-day conference in our office, giving our team the opportunity to learn about the new updates we have to look forward to …

By: Today's Business on 07/17/19

Question Hub: Who’s it for and How to Use it


What is the Google Question Hub Tool? Google Question Hub is a Google-developed platform focusing on the unanswered questions asked on the internet. Google organizes information to find the most relevant results for each user’s search query. If there i …

By: Today's Business on 04/27/21

How to Prioritize SEO Tasks for Your Site in 2021


This blog was written by a Today’s Business intern in the SEO department to share what was learned. It was written at the end of his internship, after about six months. What SEO Tasks Should you Prioritize It is no secret that search engine optimizatio …

By: Today's Business on 03/15/21

How to Write a Good Blog


The following blog is number 2 of 3 written by a Today’s Business SEO intern. The blogs were utilized to show what they had been learning as well as provide users useful information. This blog was written after 3 months of interning and was vetted by S …

By: Today's Business on 03/01/21

Instagram is Removing its “Swipe-Up” Feature: What Brands Need To Know

The ‘Swipe-Up’ phrase that we all know and love will soon be coming to an end. As a part of its ongoing efforts to increase engagement on Instagram Stories, Instagram has announced the removal of the ‘Swipe-Up’ feature and the introduction of a new one …

By: Today's Business on 08/25/21

How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Will Impact Web Advertisers

Yet another policy is being implemented across Facebook for advertisers everywhere. With the rapid and exponential growth of digital advertising and data tracking, Facebook has been taking strides over the years to cater its platforms towards both cons …

By: Today's Business on 02/26/21

Facebook Removes 20% Text Restrictions for Paid Ads

For years, Facebook’s 20% text restrictions have been a thorn in the side of social media advertisers and graphic designers everywhere. On September 7, 2020, Facebook announced they will no longer be penalizing ads with higher amounts of image text. Th …

By: Today's Business on 11/13/20

2021 Digital Marketing News and Updates: March-April

Welcome to Today’s Business’s second edition of 2021 Digital Marketing News and Updates! Right here, you can discover some choice information about digital marketing events and changes. This edition focuses primarily on data changes that have been happ …

By: Today's Business on 05/11/21

2021 Digital Marketing News and Updates: March 1, 2021

The world of digital marketing is rapidly evolving, and it’s only accelerating as the world becomes more and more dependent on digital commerce. With that in mind, Today’s Business is launching a routine digital marketing news and updates post to help …

By: Today's Business on 03/01/21

7 Ways to Keep Your Team Connected While Working From Home

By Tom Ottaiano, CEO, Today’s Business When our leadership team made the push to implement work-from-home days at Today’s Business, we never could have predicted that our team would be working at home full-time. With all of the changes we are experienc …

By: Today's Business on 07/01/20

The Top 10 Supplement Review Websites

What are the Top 10 Supplement Review Websites? Today’s Business has assisted with marketing efforts for countless supplement brands over the past 10 years. Whether it be managing affiliate programs, providing SEO consulting services, or managing influ …

By: Today's Business on 10/14/21

Nine years ago, the three of us started Today’s Business in a basement—with $400 to our name. What started as a “networking business,” quickly became a social media management company and, eventually, a full-service digital marketing agency. Our vision …

By: Today's Business on 02/01/21

WordPress Vs. Wix – Which Website CMS is best for my business?

With over 10 years of website development & digital marketing experience, the team at Today’s Business has pretty much seen it all when it comes to possible website issues, successes and failures. Over these 10 years we’ve seen content management systems come and go and have tested and worked with them all. One of the most common questions we get at Today’s Business is what content management system is best for my business? Particularly, our customers usually ask what is the difference between Wordpress and Wix? In this blog we plan to cover the pros and cons of each platform at a high level and provide you with some feedback from our web development & SEO experts. Read on to learn more about the differences between WordPress and Wix.

By: Today's Business on 07/23/21

Best Practices for Utilizing Live Chat on Your Website

Live chats are perfect for customers that do not like to talk on the phone, have questions after hours, or are just too busy to reach out any other way. More and more companies are utilizing live chat features like SnapEngage on their websites to help …

By: Today's Business on 03/23/17


Why Medical Websites Need to be HIPAA Compliant

Via Pixabay In today’s digital world, information is more prone to hacking than ever before, which creates a serious safety issue. Most websites can be developed and hosted on the Internet without thinking much about safety. Healthcare practices and ot …

By: Today's Business on 03/23/17

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